How to search for Users

Search Users will only be visible from the Navigation Bar if you have been given the appropriate access. This access would usually be given to Regional Managers, Managers and Admins. 

The Search for Users can be used to search for both active Users and Leavers.

To start, from the Navigation Bar, select Users. A drop down will appear where you can select Search Users

After selecting search users, the page will load showing all active users.

Also on this page is a search bar, this can be used to search for an individual user.  To search for an individual user, enter their name or their email address.  If you don't know the exact spelling of their name or email, it will search against a partial name.  So if you were to search for "Smith" the search result will return all "Smiths"

To locate a Leavers account, toggle the Include Leavers toggle until it goes green.

Once you have turned the Show Leavers toggle on, the list of users will change to only show users who have been marked as Leavers

You can also search for Users via their Job Role or their Job Type

You can also go a step further and Export your staff list to Excel

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