How to create a Matrix Report

The  Matrix Report will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access.  This access would usually be given to Regional Managers, Managers and Admins. 

To view a Matrix Report, click on Reports.  From the dropdown you can then click Matrix.

In order to Generate a Matrix Report you will need to filter your Criteria from the filter found at the top of the page. The filters are:

Home/s or Branch/s | Courses | Users

To start, Select the Home/s or Branch/s by clicking the button in the filter.

A Modal will appear where you can select from the Home/s or Branch/s that you have been given access to.

To confirm your selection, click to the Submit button

To select the Courses that you want to appear on your Matrix, click the Courses button within the Filter Area 

When S electing Courses, you can choose from the list by clicking the Search Box and then selecting your courses.

Alternatively you are able to select Mandatory, Required or All Courses using the buttons under the search bar.

When selecting users, you can choose whether or not to exclude new starters or include leavers

To select the  Users that you want to appear on your Matrix, click the Users button within the Filter Area 

Once you have selected your filters, please select Update Report to generate your Matrix report.

Your Matrix will then generate for you to use.

Course Status uses a colour system in order to show if a result is In Date, Coming Out of Date or is Out of Date.

Courses labelled  Urgent are courses that have never been completed but form part of their mandatory courses

Courses marked Required are courses that have never been completed but do not form part of their compliance

Courses coloured  Red and with a date are expired records

Courses coloured Amber will expire within the next few weeks

Courses marked Green are in date

Matrix reports can be exported. This can be exported as a PDF or into Excel to suit your needs

When your file is ready to download, click the button and the PDF or Excel report will open for you

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