How to view a Learners individual Care Certificate Progress

Viewing a  Learner's Individual Care Certificate Progress will only be visible if you have been given the appropriate access.  This access would usually be given to Regional ManagersManagers and Admins

To view Learner's Individual Progress, you will need to click on the Icon under the Action column on the Right hand side of the report

Once you have selected the icon, you will be able to view the Learners Care Certificate progress and their Observations

To view what courses are linked to the different 15 Standards, you can select the Standard name and a modal will appear showing you the courses linked

To Create Observations, you can select the Create button and the Observation modal will appear

You can will out the information and upload any paper copies of the Observation or manually type it out

Once you have created an Observation it will appear in the Observation report along with the Date the Observation was created and the Linked Observables

Any Observations that have been created for an individual Learner can be viewed again after they have been created.  To view the Observation, you will need to select the View icon

If you have made an error on the Observation, you are able to Edit it by selecting the Edit icon

And if you have created an Observation in error, you can delete it by selecting the Delete icon

Once an Observation has been created, the Learner will need to Sign Off the Observation on their account before it can be marked off against the Standards

After the Learner has completed all 15 Standards and the Observations for the 15 Standards are also complete, you can leave your Overall Observation Feedback, confirm you are happy with the Disclaimers and Approve The Care Certificate to the Learner

Once you have approved The Care Certificate, you will be able to download the Care Certificate certificate

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